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Citrine Healing Properties

It is the stone carrying the power of the Sun, bringing warmth, comfort, the energy of life and joy to those who choose to wear it. It is also widely believed to be the talisman of eloquence, business, and money.

Here you’ll find the most notable healing properties that people attribute to this bright and beautiful stone:

  • Carries energy and life, enhancing physical stamina
  • Awakes creativity and imagination
  • Encourages feeling of fullness of life
  • Helps those struggling with chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Releases anger and fear, accepting more joy into life

Other popular beliefs regarding Citrine also include the following:

  • It helps accumulate wealth and maintain it
  • It is the symbol of prosperity and success, that encourages generosity
  • Many people believe that carrying it in the wallet it will attract money to its owner and will help him better control the excessive outflow of his finances
  • Protects against jealousy
  • Helps transform dreams into the reality
  • Dissipates negative energy and thoughts transforming it them into positive feelings
  • Attracts love and happiness to its owner
  • Helps with interpersonal relationships, smoothing family and group problems

Why we love it:

  • It is one of only 2 gemstones on the Planet, that never needs to be cleared or cleansed
  • It’s is so bright and sun-like that you cannot help but smile looking at it

Chakras connected to the properties of Citrine: Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, and Crown Chakra

Colors: Sun-like Yellow, Brownish Yellow, Smokey Yellow

Please understand that all the information about healing properties of stones that we provide for you on our website is purely informational and does not substitute consultation with a professional medical doctor or a medical treatment that may be required.



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