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Red garnet ring

Garnet Healing Properties

People widely believe that garnet brings lots of love into life. It is also considered to be the crystal of abundance, new life forces and joy.

Let’s look at the most known healing properties of this amazingly beautiful crystal:

  • Energizes and regenerates
  • Brings balance, strength and protection
  • Increases self-empowerment
  • Improves resistance from negative influences
  • Activates analytical processes of the mind
  • Stimulates heart chakra and enhances spiritual relationships
  • Inspires love
  • Balances sex drive
  • Brings courage, preventing fears of insecurity

As some other stones we’ve already mentioned Garnet is believed to be the lucky stone, which brings success not just in personal, but in business relationships as well. It’s a great executive gemstone, especially for women.

Why we love it:

  • We totally love Pyrope Garnet for its vibrant deep red colors
  • Pyrope Garnet is the stone of inspiration, vitality and charisma, you can literally feel its huge amounts of vital energy just looking at it

Chakras: Base Chakra and Heart Chakra

Colors: Most often is seen in red, but there are also other types of garnet with different colors which can vary from orange, pink and green to yellow and even black.

Please understand that all the information about healing properties of stones that we provide for you on our website is purely informational and does not substitute consultation with a professional medical doctor or a medical treatment that may be required.



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