Beautiful woman in violet dress caressing herself

How to feel more feminine – the shortest pathway to authentic femininity

A lot of women are trying to be more feminine these days, as they feel a sense of longing for a deep connection with themselves. The connection that was lost on a pathway of molding their body-mind-spirit to fit in a world full of rules that are too rigid for a woman’s body and soul. And by trying to fit in this small box, they’ve lost the sense of who they truly are. Most ladies just don’t know themselves anymore.

Nowadays women are taught to wear high heels and makeup; to shape their bodies through fitness and plastic surgery in order to be more feminine. And all of these methods aren’t about their true feminine side. These are social approved standards of how a woman should look. Most females around the world are influenced by them.

But is it really the only way a woman can feel more feminine?

Of course not. These are methods that are dictated by media and trends, thus have nothing to do with the deep connection with the feeling of being a woman.

Let’s find out what are the most effective ways of diving deeper into womanhood that you can follow.

Connect to your body more profoundly

Beautiful woman in violet dress lovingly touching her neck and shoulders

So, the first thing to become more feminine is to understand that you are already feminine naturally. You are a woman by birthright. Your body has functions specific for female gender. This is all innately present in your being. All it demands from you is your awareness and willingness to listen to it! And if you’d like to dive deeper into what it means to be a woman, simply just connect to your body more profoundly. Slow down and spend time alone with it. Give yourself more attention and love during the day by being fully present when you brush your hair, take a shower, brush your teeth or massage your face. Be aware of the mood swings or body sensations during periods. Express gratitude for everything that is specific to women, like periods, the possibility to give birth, breastfeeding, maternity, multiple orgasms, feminine body shape, connection with moon cycle and nature, ability to feel a multitude of sensations.

Listen to your body’s messages while breathing in & out – this helps you to stay grounded and calm at all times. Be gentle and kind with yourself all the time. Accept how you feel without trying to change anything. Enjoy the fact that you were born as a woman.

Embrace your uniqueness

Most girls are taught from birth to conform to a certain standard of how they should behave or look in order to be considered “feminine”. That’s a lot of pressure for anyone to handle! The problem is that many of us internalize these standards and become critical of ourselves when we don’t meet them. As a result, we end up feeling inadequate and ashamed for not being good enough. It’s especially difficult for those of us who don’t fit the societal ideal of femininity perfectly. So, what if we all decided to embrace our uniqueness instead of trying to change or hide it? What if we stopped comparing ourselves to other women and focused on the qualities, we had in common with them instead?

This might sound cliché but it’s true; there is no right or wrong way to be a woman. We come in all shapes, sizes, colors, races and personalities and that’s a beautiful thing! Rather than judging each other, we should celebrate our differences and encourage one another to embrace who we are. That way we can all learn how to love and accept ourselves and we can all thrive as individuals instead of just fitting into boxes created by society and the media.

So, in order to embrace your uniqueness, you can do a simple exercise. Write down all the unique qualities, traits and talents – physical, spiritual and mental ones. Write down all of them, even if you consider something to be a negative trait. And if there is something that you don’t like about you, you can learn to embrace it and to make it your power, instead of weakness. For example, if one of your qualities is you’re shy, write it down and then next to it write down how that quality can serve you in positive ways. Maybe it will help you to connect with people better or maybe it will help you find your voice and be more confident. When we accept and appreciate the things that make us different and unique, even we previously considered something as a weakness, we are able to discover our own true strength and inner beauty. And that leads to a better understanding and acceptance of other women too. Remember, it’s OK not to be perfect… we’re all just human after all!

There is nothing more attractive than a woman that embraced her uniqueness and that carry it with confidence. So, the next time you feel yourself falling into the comparison trap, take a deep breath and remind yourself of all the good things you have to offer the world! Don’t let the society define you! You are worthy enough the way you are!

Anchor your femininity into everyday actions

Females are a wonderful type of people in so many ways. They are strong, confident and nurturing yet gentle and delicate at the same time. Not to mention how beautiful and powerful women can be when they honor their feminine qualities such as compassion, intuition and creativity.

In order to honor your unique way of being feminine, make a plan from simple everyday actions that you can do to anchor the state of joyfulness and gratitude for being a woman. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

– Spend some time with your female friends or sisters sharing stories, connecting through laughs and enjoying the beautiful moment together.

– Plan a gathering somewhere in nature and invite your favorite ladies over for a fun and pleasant ritual of honoring and celebrating femininity. Fill this women’s circle with laughter, love, easiness and connection.

– Make an intention every day to do something kind for yourself such as taking a hot bubble bath or getting an aromatherapy massage.

– Set intentions for how you want to show up in the world as a woman and communicate your desires out loud to the women around you. For example, you could express your gratitude toward your mother for being there for you as a child and express your desire to support the women around you by encouraging them to go after their dreams and strive for greatness in life.

-You can introduce everyday meditation, showing your gratitude and anchoring the state of blissfulness within you and recognizing the gifts of being a woman. By doing so you will empower your own strength and inner beauty within to make a step forward and take the leading role into your life!

Embrace this beautiful gift of being born in a woman’s body. And remember, there are no “rules” as to how you should behave as a female in this world – it’s completely up to you how you express your femininity in the world.